About Us

Hello, we are Bluetext.

Our ideas are at the forefront of the industry. Our senior team has delivered some of the most creative and effective campaigns for organizations looking to increase visibility and drive demand in the markets that matter most.

Our Company

We don’t sell hours, we sell results

Here at Bluetext, we are committed to achieving our client’s goals and objectives. Our efficiency is our responsibility, not yours. As such, our engagements aren’t subject to hourly billing and the project is not completed until the client is satisfied.

We Do

  • Branding & Brand Revitalization
  • Brand Positioning
  • Messaging Platform Revitalization & Development
  • Campaign Messaging
  • Corporate Brand Identity & Logo Development
  • Corporate Visual Identity System Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • Creative Agency Services
  • Sales Enablement
  • External Communications, Brand Visibility, Demand Generation
  • Comprehensive Digital & Content Marketing Services
  • Social Media & Online Thought Leadership
  • Advertising & Public Relations

Who We Are

Action-Oriented Doers
Future-Proofing Thinkers
Dream-Realizing Artists
Full-Picture Web Designers
Scalable PR Specialists
Captivating Videographers

We Aren’t

Copy and Paste Generalists
Glass Half-Empty Pessimists
Easy-Way-Out Strategists
Short-Term Decision-Makers
Single-Minded Advertisers
Unilateral Digital Marketers

Our Services

Public Relations

Select Clients

Cvent’s platform is both very broad and deep in terms of our capabilities and our field teams needed a purpose-built tool to share various stories about our capabilities in streamlined manner. The Bluetext project will allow us to visualize these stories, and Cvent’s differentiators, in a powerful way. Bluetext was a great partner bringing creative firepower, strategic thinking, and a very professional enjoyable delivery process.

– Senior Vice President of Marketing


Michael Quint

Chief Strategy Officer

Jason Siegel

Chief Creative Officer

Don Goldberg

Chief Media Officer

Brian Lustig

Chief PR Officer

Where We Work

Our offices are located in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. This is the headquarters for all our strategy, creative, design, development, and delivery. We are a team of 50 folks committed to achieving the goals and aspirations of our clients.

Designing a great place to work


Bluetext is committed to creating a culture of balance, where employees are able to achieve an equilibrium between work, life and family.


Every member of our team is a leader. They are given responsibilities and full agency to work how they want to with the goal of client success in mind.


Bluetext employees operate with a team mentality without the hindrance of titles. We work as a team and we succeed as a team.


We strive to build a culture of equality where each employee is a member of the team. We aspire to do great things for our clients and to do them together. One vision, one goal.

Industry Expertise

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Through branding, marketing and public relations we help brands WIN. With expert strategy, powerful creative and award-winning digital.

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