• Is your advertising breaking through the clutter?
  • Do you continue to spend with the same publications with little insight into the impact?
  • Are you leveraging paid social boosting, retargeting and content syndication to drive leads?
  • Is your  approach episodic instead of strategic to drive your business?

Advertising via traditional and emerging channels can be critical for an effective integrated campaign. Whether you need to influence one decision maker or thousands of consumers, your message must break through the clutter and drive interaction. Bluetext has the advertising expertise and reach to help you complement your communications campaign. We can design an effectively timed, strategic advertising program designed to influence perceptions of target audiences, drive sales and enhance the reputation of your brand. Bluetext’s advertising expertise runs deep, working on teams that have:

  • Helped one of the most recognized and iconic brands in the automotive industry reverse a three year sales decline through an award winning national TV campaign.
  • Implemented paid social campaigns that drive leans and conversions for dozens of clients.
  • Designed an integrated campaign for Silicon Valley’s largest chip maker resulting in an increase in lead conversion from 3% to 26%.
  • Delivered a national brand launch for a leading identity theft protection company.
  • Designed an award-winning campaign for the largest US telecommunications company, successfully extending their brand into mobile telephony, networking and systems integration.

Provided advertising services to the fourth largest defense contractor in the world, successfully positioning them as lead contenders on the ongoing battle for aerospace, defense and technology contracts in the DoD and agencies across the U.S. Federal government.

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