• Is your digital strategy making the most of your brand assets and human resources?
  • Are you stuck with the same out-of-date tactics and wondering why?
  • Are you looking for newer, more creative and engaging ways to tell your brand story?
  • Are key performance indicators defined and analytics configured for your production?

Through the prism of your campaigns’ digital footprint, it is critical to put in place the right digital strategy to reach your audience with the right message and the right tone at all times. Audiences will not tolerate a brochure-ware website with no social interactivity, fresh content or ideas.  They demand executive viewpoints, expert resources, smart accessibility through search and mobile, and the right information to help them make an informed decision about your brand. The Bluetext team has worked with some of the largest and most recognizable brands in the world to map out digital and interactive strategies that get to the core of their business – reaching key audiences in new and unique ways to influence their decision-making process.

Bluetext’s digital strategies deliver a stellar production experience to implement the strategy. Comprehensive website design and development services, creative services, analytics, mobile design and development, content management systems, user experience design, information architecture, and other services can all be executed and integrated by our team. Bluetext’s digital marketing expertise runs deep, working on teams that:

  • Have been a part of over 30 award winning campaigns, spanning Webby, Addy and Sabre Awards.
  • Have been the first to innovate in the digital space, blazing trails for foreign embassies with their digital communications to mobilizing historic events like never before.
  • Have shaped organic search campaigns for the nations’ largest companies driving measurable results 500% better than previous campaigns.

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