Rebranding an Access Management Company’s Digital Presence

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Wallix, a globally recognized privileged access management company, sought out Bluetext for a reinvented digital presence. With a legacy across European countries, the new brand and website were challenged with preserving brand recognition while communicating a modern messaging of simplified services to new markets. The website was tasked with not only serving a wider and multilingual clientele but be responsive to users of any and all device types.

Stakeholders of the Wallix wanted to enhance their current site with one that felt modern, high tech, and up for any cybersecurity challenge. A promise of proactive interoperability was visualized by the branded angles cutting across key art and messaging, while subtle animation showed off their future-proof technologies, a library of resources, and presence at industry events.

For brand elements, Bluetext deconstructed the original Wallix ‘A’ and isolated a sleek slanted angle from the base. This branded element is symbolic of Wallix’s ability to lay the foundation of a secure digital future and protect data privacy from all angles. A color overlay was been added to these shapes as a metaphor for Wallix’s end-to-end security coverage and afforded visibility into accounts. Across the new collateral, Wallix’s legacy color was preserved to pay tribute to the brand’s success. With secondary palettes expanded to teal and a deep navy, Wallix found much more freedom to apply colors to their breath of solutions or industry use cases.


Rebranding an Access Management Company’s Digital Presence


Rebranding an Access Management Company’s Digital Presence

+ About This Project

“Bringing the new brand to life for a pioneer like Intelsat has been a true honor. It took digital branding, content strategy and management systems, UI and UX, and a sound search optimization effort for this digital platform to reflect the true business leader Intelsat is.”

Jason Siegel

Chief Creative Officer, Bluetext

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