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In a constantly evolving digital environment, Bluetext, as a virtual event management expert, is proud to offer our clients a variety of services in the virtual event production space. Learn more about the online production services we offer below.

Bluetext Virtual Events

More and more, digital events are making their way into the mainstream of event marketing. Even without the obvious COVID-19 challenges, online events make sense for both accessibility and inclusivity reasons. Even before the global pandemic, some potential event prospects were limited by the event’s location. With digital events, that is no longer an issue. The importance of convening has not gone away, we just need to change the way we think about it.

Bluetext has taken a different approach to virtual events. Our platform is a web interface that serves as the platform to launch your virtual event.

The whole interface was designed with the user in mind, and to feel as close to a real event as possible, rather than just another webinar, video conference, or livestream.

Here at Bluetext, we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, we leverage the best tools in the industry and the infrastructure from the largest, most reliable video communication systems. Flexible and reliable, our platform allows you to integrate the technology and tools that work for your organization and your event attendees.


Public Relations
Social Media
Video Remote Capture
Sponsorship Strategy
Zoom Background

Event Day

Registration Desk
Real-Time Web Updates
Dress Rehearsals
Simulated Live Video Players
Live Video and Chat Integrations
Sponsorship Integration
Gamification and Badging
IT Support


Video Summary Wrap-Ups
Analytics Dashboards
Production Retrospective
Digital Platform Conversion
Survey Feedback Capture
Come Again Remarketing
Monetize Content Highlights
Build Social Assets

Virtual Event Web Platform Functionalities

100% Customizable Branding

Fully customized with your corporate branding or the branding of your specific event

Live Briefings and Hybrid Briefings

Fully customizable to the needs of administrators and attendees alike


Resource Library of Assets

Fully leverageable platform across multiple events



Collaboration with Many Groups

Integrates with Zoom and other leading video conferencing services

A Platform for All Languages

Platform and briefings are both able to be translated into a variety of different languages

Virtual Event Logistics & Support

Live Moderation for Chat, Q&A, and Polling

Registration Desk Assistance

Dress Rehearsals and Speaker Prep

Real-Time Web Updates 

Live Tech Support For Your Event

Social Media Management

Virtual Stagehands and Green Room

Post-Event Video Production

Bluetext Briefing Center

In today’s virtual world, differentiation through digital engagement is critical. Surround your prospects with thought leadership, rich content, and interactive UX and recreate the in-person premium briefing experience via our Digital Briefing Center platform.

Better Video Conferencing in a Box

We create custom kits for a better video conference experience, all drop-shipped directly to your users in a branded box worthy of an ‘unboxing video!’ When it comes to effective, professional video conferencing, the devil is in the details. We’ve taken the hassle out of the process by delivering professional lighting, high-quality audio/video equipment, portable green screens, and custom-branded backdrops to your doorstep with illustrated instructions on how to set up the equipment, record your content, and deliver the content to us for post-production.

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