Bluetext Partners with Vidsys, a Leading Global Software Technology Manufacturer, to Develop an Aggressive Public Relations Program

Vidsys is the leading global software technology manufacturer of Physical and Converged Security Information Management software that supports security efforts for some of the most complex, high-stake events in the world.

Vidsys has provided assistance to some of the largest sporting events, including the Olympics, the Super Bowl, and the Final Four, and for high-profile events where top security is essential, such as the 2016 Republican Convention. It also provides support for global organizations, companies, and state and local governments. As Vidsys has evolved from a physical security provider to offering data-driven and smart city solutions such as transportation and supply chain management, it needed to bring its marketing program up to the next level to position itself in front of global customers and drive new revenues. It turned to Bluetext to support its new messaging through a targeted public relations, content and social media strategy.

Bluetext developed an aggressive public relations program that includes thought leadership, proactive pitching, bylined articles in key publications and opportunistic outreach that plays off of the news and large events. Bluetext also manages Vidsys’ social media and creates graphics for its posts on a weekly basis to increase engagement.

Through working with Bluetext, in less than six months Vidsys increased its Share of Voice against key competitors in target verticals and expanded its software offerings to new business verticals and industries.


Super Bowl PR for a

World-Class Client

When Vidsys helped to secure Super Bowl LI in Houston, Bluetext developed an aggressive public relations program that included thought leadership, proactive pitching, bylined articles in key publications and custom social media and graphics to promote Vidsys’ involvement in the most watched sporting event in history. Fox Sports announced that Super Bowl LI attracted a total audience of 172 million, more viewers than any other program in U.S. television history.


Increasing Engagement

Through Graphics

Bluetext created custom graphics for Vidsys’ social media platforms to increase engagement and maximize space for important information. Snackable graphics provide an improved engagement rate and increase across all platforms, and resulted in significant sharing and re-posting as well as a gain in Twitter and LinkedIn followers. It also allows us to more effectively promote video content we created for the campaign.

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