Verve Industrial, the only OT/ICS Endpoint Security Platform that is backed by 25+ years of ICS Engineering experience, came to Bluetext to take their brand and website to the next level. Through our engagement with Verve, Bluetext was able to vastly improve brand awareness and ensure Verve stands out from the crowd.

Interactive Website Design

One of the main goals of our engagement was to ensure Verve stood out from the competition in the crowded ICS/OT sector. To do this, Bluetext utilized a lot of unique and user-interactive components to keep users engaged throughout their journey on the website. Through the use of these interactive modules, users are able to follow their own journey’s based on their specific wants and needs.

Custom Iconography Development

Custom icons on the website work to highlight various statistical facts, areas of expertise, and capabilities of the Verve Security Platform. Through these custom icons, Verve can tell its story in a simple, unique, and approachable way.

Imagery Focused

Verve’s newly refreshed website is image-focused and includes specially designed, custom website componeents with specifically curated imagery and videos, overlaid by a transparent layer of color and text, that digitally brings the revitalized brand to life.

Custom Infographics

Bluetext designed custom infographics, integrating key pieces of the reimagined brand to visually represent Verve’s unique product offerings to the market in a digestible, interactive fashion.

Mobile-First Mentality

As a key part of our discovery process, Bluetext determined that a large number of users were visiting the Verve website via a mobile device. As such, it was crucial that we ensured a mobile-friendly version of the website. We created scalable text, images, and components throughout the website to ensure a smooth and sleek user experience for all users.

Showcasing the Verve Difference

In order to demonstrate the Verve difference, or why customers should choose Verve for their endpoint security solutions, the use of motion and video were sprinkled heavily throughout the site. Employee testimonials, defining capabilities, and integrations across the Verve Security Platform are easily digestible through video to help showcase their expertise.

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