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Bluetext Launches “Exposure” Advertising Campaign for Varonis

 Varonis turned to Bluetext to help position the company with C-level executives who are unaware of the potential risk they are placing on their enterprises by not leveraging solutions to understand who has access to the unstructured and human generated data that their enterprise relies on. Bluetext developed a two-part campaign, first highlighting the exposure of sensitive information, and second educating executives about insider threats.

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Campaign Mechanics

The branding campaign introduced Varonis to a wide audience of people across the enterprise. C-level executives across Fortune 1000 companies including CEO, CFO, CIO, CISO, CTO, COO, and Chief Cybersecurity Officers were targeted, with ads running across websites like CNN, The New York Times, Bloomberg, Washington Post, and more.  A combination of performance / audience targeting and contextual placement are being leveraged in order to reach the right people. The campaign served to generate brand awareness through engagement and video completions, and drive a qualified audience to the landing page for lead generation. Overall the campaign generated a click-thru-rate and video completion rate that is above the industry benchmark.

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