Since its founding, Trusona has set out to solve the challenge of identity with passwordless identity authentication, a new approach to digital identity focused on who’s on the other end, not what’s being typed. Trusona turned to Bluetext to reimagine the brand presentation, reposition their identity and authentication solutions with fresh corporate messaging, and launch a redesigned website.

Authenticate people. Not passwords.

Everyone is familiar with the pains of the username/password login experience. Trusona’s passwordless multi-factor authentication solutions incorporate identity and brilliant user experience design to create a more secure and easier-to-use authentication process that will eventually remove the password altogether. No passwords, less vulnerability, happier users.

Elegant Brand and Web Design Complements Existing Brand's Design Philosophy

Trusona designed an authentication experience that is simple, seamless, and enjoyable. Bluetext’s redesign of the Trusona brand needed to complement the ethos of the Trusona mission while providing a fresh yet elegant evolution of their corporate visual identity. Drawing inspiration from the existing Trusona logo, Bluetext’s design team created large curved geometric shapes that serve as background elements for photography, devices with product screenshots, or simple text. The curve is also added to imagery containers across collateral templates and the new Trusona website. Full-bleed imagery, which received a custom filter to create a cohesive tone across all stock photography, immerses the user in everyday use cases of digital identity authentication. Ample white space conveys a sense of elegance, simplicity, and cleanliness. Iconography chosen for the new brand is rich in information while maintaining light line strokes and a small footprint. Altogether, the reimagined Trusona brand presentation creates a cohesive experience from their website to their actual authentication experience.

Reimagining a Brand for Our New Pandemic Reality

As the pandemic unfolded, Bluetext and Trusona curated brand photography that captures our blended reality of work and home. Trusona’s authentication solutions are accessed from anywhere, providing companies the flexibility of secure identity verification for their customers or workforce from home as they work from the sofa or kitchen table with kids and pets around. Select workplace photos now feature masked employees.

Immersive Customer Promos

On the new website, Bluetext designed immersive customer testimonial and case study modules to showcase the impact of passwordless identity authentication for large enterprises, their workforce, and their consumer apps. Mixing full-bleed photography that demonstrates the real world application of Trusona’s technology with everyday items that someone carries around to authentication themselves — their mobile device, a drivers license, a debit card — takes passwordless identity authentication from an abstract concept to a modern day MFA solution with the potential to revolutionize the way we access our digital accounts.

Authenticate anywhere.

A responsive design is imperative for any modern brand’s website. Bluetext created the new Trusona website with a fully responsive design across all digital manifestations: desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. This seamless interaction with the Trusona brand reinforces their company mission to provide superior user experience to authentication processes that people are required to use every day.

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