Intrinium, a successful regional cybersecurity company from Spokane Valley, Washington, came to Bluetext to help transform their thriving business from a regional IT-driven security business into a national, full-service cybersecurity company. Through an in-depth messaging and positioning process, the name TorchLight was born, along with the supporting branding and messaging.
The TorchLight name and brand is about illuminating cyber risk 24/7 to make sure customers are never left in the dark. It’s cybersecurity that’s designed, managed, and optimized to bring business opportunities to light. It’s illuminating the path to a more secure future.

Comprehensive Brand Refresh

With a new strong name and supporting message, creating the corporate visual identity was a crucial next step to the brand development. Bluetext worked closely with the TorchLight team through a series of collaborative workshops and hands-on sessions to develop a comprehensive brand system that worked seamlessly with the name, logo and was unique in the competitive space.
The TorchLight logo consists of a wordmark and a flame icon that is filled with a branded gradient and the “T” of the wordmark. The flame icon represents the light that they bring to cyber risk.
The TorchLight design derives from a metaphorical representation of the brand messaging and pulls from the shapes in the logo. The key art is created from the rhombus of the I and R from the TorchLight wordmark. The layering of the rhombus creates a unique design system that represents “illuminating the path” by overlaying the multiple rhombi to frame and illuminate key messaging or subject matter in photos. The parallelogram can be filled with the brand colors as well as the gradient and can be layered on their own or over imagery.

"Bluetext was a partner in every way. Great strategy, design, production, and technical execution. A multi-year partner that delivered a consistent team, that drove our organization through digital transformation in all areas from member experience, data administration, e-commerce, and overall brand professionalism. I would highly recommend them.”

Securonix CMO

UX Design and Web Development

As the new brand was being developed, the Bluetext team worked to develop a smart content strategy that would inform the user experience for the new website. With target audience journies and goal mapping, we developed unique but easy-to-use animated modules that fit the content needs were intuitive for the user and looked modern, clean, and sharp with the new brand system

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