Thing Tamer

What’s The Thing Tamer?

Enterprises are crawling with IoT devices. And the vulnerabilities they create? It’s one Thing after another. But with Phosphorus, enterprises can protect themselves from these beastly problems and eliminate the IoT security gap. 

To help tell this story, we created a corporate action-comedy, centering around a particular hero, The Thing Tamer, who shows up in a wild corporate office to save the day from menacing cyber beasts spawned from corrupted IoT devices.

“As an emerging player in the cybersecurity space, we needed to grab the market’s attention. Bluetext designed a campaign that was far better than we ever imagined and brought our story and capabilities to life. We wanted the ‘Mad Men’ of marketing and that’s what we got.”

Chris Rouland, CEO & Co-Founder of Phosphorus

This campaign put a new, creative twist on an industry that is typically represented in a technical and traditional way. It was exactly what the industry was craving. 

Visual Identity

The visual approach was inspired by a cyber Indiana Jones. It was meant to look gritty while also having a modern and high tech look and feel. The Black-Ink Widow and Spython creatures were created leveraging custom 3D art that turned ordinary, IoT devices like printers and security cameras into beasts.



“The opportunity to bring the Phosphorus solution to life via a full-funnel campaign was an amazing experience for our team. We handled all aspects of the campaign including creative ideation, filming the commercial, developing a state-of-the-art landing page, and designing an event booth experience. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”


Creating The Tamer

The Thing Tamer is the hero that personifies Phosphorus. He’s a mix between a cybersecurity specialist and hero archetypes of Indiana Jones and Crocodile Dundee. Flashing an iconic fedora, a bullwhip made out of a Cat 5 cable, a pocket protector, and other cyber-wrangling equipment, The Thing Tamer is the ultimate adventure hero needed to take on our modern dark, digital wild.

  • 01 /04

    Find Every Thing

    With complete visibility, greater awareness, and enriched data for every device, you’ll see every Thing and know every Thing so you can finally defend everything.

  • 02 /04

    Fix Every Thing

    Automatically find and fix IoT and OT vulnerabilities before threats strike, rather than just segmenting or quarantining devices after malicious behavior. Now your devices are safe, secure, and usable, without having to wait for anomalous behavior to reveal the vulnerability.

  • 03/04

    Be Compliant in Every Thing

    Password updates. Software patching. With Phosphorus, find the growing number of IoT and OT, devices in your networks and ensure they’re compliant with the same policies you require for your traditional endpoints.

  • 04/04

    With Minimal Added Effort

    IoT and OT devices likely make up half your enterprise, but securing your Things doesn’t mean doubling the work or budget. Phosphorus integrates into your existing security tools so you can secure the other half of your enterprise with the same team and time – while knowing your future devices are safe and secured.

Video Shoot

This shoot was wild! Using our very own Bluetext HQ as the location, we wrangled two days of shooting, three outstanding actors, and over 32 unique camera setups into one of our best looking creations to date. It’s not often that an office’s interior redecorating plan combines “tropical jungle”, “cyberpunk”, and “horror movie”, but our video producers nailed it. In order to bring our beastly Things to life, we composited them in Cinema 4D, executed a laser-focused shot list, motion tracked, rendered, and then sprinkled some final texturing and lighting effects in After Effects. The spider webs are real though!

Photoshoot Stills

Additional Videos


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