When T2 Tech Group, a leading technology consulting firm in Southern California, saw their business lines growing at a rapid pace, their need for a cohesive and scalable brand grew as well. Bluetext delivered on that challenge with a compelling brand story, streamlined website design, and user-focused functionality.

Introducing T2 Group

As T2 Flex, their workforce augmentation service, and T2 Labs, their clinical labs testing service, became strong business lines of their own, it was clear that they needed their own websites outside of the umbrella of T2 Tech Group and that restructuring of the brand would be required. T2 Group, the new top-level brand, now holds their practice areas: T2 Flex, T2 Labs, and T2 Tech.

Branding at Scale

While creating the design system, it was imperative that it could be used across all practice areas as well as the parent brand. Simplifying the logo and assigning a brand color to each practice area allowed for continuity now and scalability in the future.

Reshaping the T2 Story

Taking into account T2’s exceptional services and proven results, Bluetext reimagined how customers come to know the brand. The new brand line “Transformation Realized” and subsequent messaging brings to life T2’s capacity to deliver on any promise.

Fully Responsive Design

Design should always consider the user first and T2’s websites are no exception. Each website is streamlined in design and fully responsive, so the experience is always exceptional no matter the device it is viewed on.

CVI That Tells A Story

While T2 needed a brand that was flexible enough to grow with the company, it was also crucial to implement design elements that aid in telling their story. Elements like the T2 triangle overlays, single-focused imagery and the T2 brand colors point to the greater T2 brand promise of transformation, innovation and results.

Multisite Functionality

Bluetext implemented multisite backend functionality making the management of multiple websites incredibly simple and painless.

Exceptional Design meets Functional Needs

T2 came to Bluetext with a challenge: redefine our brand in a way that resonates with our target customers, allows for growth and pushes us towards leadership in the industry. Bluetext delivered on all fronts with an impactful brand message, visually enticing design, brand scalability, and website functionality to meet our client’s needs.

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