Bluetext Reimagines Website for Global Telecommunications Giant, Speedcast

Speedcast brings together high-speed communications networks with a breadth of innovative applications to deliver worldwide connectivity to their partners and customers. Speedcast came to Bluetext looking for a best-in-class website to match the best-in-class services they are known for in the satellite communications industry.

From Proprietary to Open-Source CMS Platform

Speedcast was looking to migrate from Sitecore to an open-sourced content management platform that allows for more flexibility for content administrators and more monthly cost savings for the company. Bluetext recommended migrating to WordPress given their marketing and technical requirements. Our development team rearchitected the Sitecore website within WordPress and migrated and enhanced all of their content into the new platform, with search engine optimization best practices in mind. 

Launching With a New Look

While the development team was building the website in WordPress, our user experience and design teams got busy wireframing and designing a new homepage so that site launch would include more than just a new backend. The client’s wish list included an updated navigation, more ways to highlight whitepapers, options to include videos from their extensive video library, and more call-to-action components.

Website Design and Development

To ensure the new website took advantage of the most powerful and flexible open-source CMS technology in the market, Bluetext employed a full website design and development process.


Bluetext reviewed the current state of the existing site, which included a deep dive into the needs of Speedcast’s audiences and establishing the best ways with which to engage them.



Bluetext conducted a series of data-driven tests to ensure the navigation of the new site allows users to find what they are looking for in as few clicks as possible.




Bluetext’s web design team approaches projects from a responsive-first mentality, working collaboratively to ensure a seamless user experience across platforms and devices, from desktops to smartphones.



Bluetext developed the new site inside a WordPress CMS that provides an intuitive environment for content maintainers, based on development best practices and our extensive experience customizing content management systems for our clients.

Featured Site Content

Leading with a video-centric design, the new homepage features something for all of Speedcast’s current and future customers. We designed an industry-specific tabbing component that provides space for a video and will drive users deeper into the website. Content administrators have the ability to drag and drop components on the homepage and can easily update the content to keep the homepage fresh for returning visitors.

All At Your Fingertips

With a brand new open-source CMS platform, reimagined homepage, and search engine optimized content, the Speedcast website is ready to serve not only visitors to the site but also content administrators both today and for many years to come. Check out the new Speedcast website to explore all of the partnership support, service solutions, and products Speedcast offers at

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