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Founded in 1989, SOSi is the largest private, family-owned and operated technology and services integrator in the aerospace, defense, and government services industry. The SOSi team was looking for a way to modernize their brand and expand their online presence while maintaining some key elements of their existing CVI.


In order to build out the existing CVI, the Bluetext team engaged SOSi in the full discovery process, including a creative workshop, logo exploration, and messaging workshops and interviews. This process allowed Bluetext to create a comprehensive brand identity that informed both website and collateral design.


Bluetext took the findings from the discovery phase of the project and translated SOSi’s unique identity and tone of voice into a website that highlights SOSi’s extensive capabilities while serving as a lead generation tool. Bluetext worked closely with SOSi to develop content for each page of the website, ensuring that the site maintained consistency while intuitively servicing users’ needs.


« Thanks to Bluetext for delivering an amazing new brand and digital platform for SOSi. The challenge was clearly accepted and delivered upon for us. »

– Julian Setian, President & CEO, SOSi


A brand’s story does not end with its website; Bluetext identified SOSi’s key collateral pieces and designed scalable collateral templates that explored different ways of expressing SOSi’s identity. Each piece succinctly communicates the SOSi brand message while incorporating unique brand elements.

« It was a great experience working with SOSi, the largest private government contractor in the country. Working to modernize their brand and expand their online presence through new messaging and a brand new website, we couldn’t have been happier with the results.  »

– Jason Siegel, Chief Creative Officer, Bluetext

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