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Across your own workforce, sales, executives, business development, marketing – how are users experiencing your organization? SCP Health knew they could do better and partnered with Bluetext to spin up a modern tool in which to fight for their digital edge. SCP Health’s Virtual Briefing Center is 100% virtual but in all of the best ways!
Bluetext worked with SCP to make their brand fantasy a reality, launching a platform that is built specifically to empower healthcare executives, conveniently, effectively, and intimately. We customized the entire 3D environment to appeal to their target audience, but the platform’s easy-to-use CMS gives SCP the power to tailor it even further, rolling out rich media, resources, and unique CTA’s on the fly for any of their Go-To-Market needs.
By upgrading their brand, their message, and their offer into one holistic virtual platform, Bluetext’s Digital Briefing Center helped position SCP as a leader in their overcrowded market.

Strength in Intangibility

With a state-of-the-art briefing center and a quickly shifting digital-first world, SCP Health knew it was time to make a splash in the market with a strong paid digital advertising strategy. SCP Health turned to Bluetext for help in raising brand awareness, recruiting prospects, lead generation, and more.
After a deep discovery process and with SCP Health’s goals in mind, the Bluetext digital advertising team built out a multi-channel strategy to build brand awareness and drive users further into the funnel. With the strategy finalized, the Bluetext design team built out eye-catching visuals to grab the attention of users and encourage them to come to the specialized landing page.

Premium Content On Demand

Revolutionizing the way users engage with SCP’s thought leadership, resources, product demos, and campaigns, Bluetext’s Digital Briefing Center platform is designed to streamline the work they were already doing. The Virtual Briefing Center wraps existing resources in a powerful new interactive medium, giving their market a new front-row seat to exclusive announcements, live demos, and transformative healthcare thought leadership.

Speak To Your Prospects

The Virtual Briefing Center put SCP’s clinical and operations resource team at their users’ fingertips. Using our pandemic-safe remote-video production strategy, Bluetext worked with SCP executives to record their presentations at home, using our remote-video and green screen kit process. The end result allowed for SCP’s thought leaders to live directly inside of the 3D environment, available to users 24/7, and through an intimate one-on-one presentation scenario.

“The opportunity to be involved in the launch of a brand from beginning to end is always an exciting prospect, and our partnership with Appgate was no different. To have a hand in everything from logo development, branding, messaging, website design and development, and a variety of other deliverables allowed our team to bring the concept of Appgate to life for both their external and internal audiences alike.”

- Jason Siegel, Bluetext

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