SCP Health

Leading Healthcare Services Firm Launches New Visual Identity System and Digital Presence

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SCP Health is a premier healthcare staffing and operations management solution for hospital facilities nationwide. A dedicated team of clinical and operational experts have pioneered scalable health care solutions with proven models of care, proprietary technology, and intelligence to deliver exceptional patient outcomes.

With over 50 years of experience, SCP Health is on an upward growth trajectory to revitalize health care.  After rapid expansion of facility partners, solution offerings and technology they realized that they had quickly outgrown the previous brand and digital profile. With the goal of improved brand awareness and lead generation, SCP Health engaged Bluetext to bring a digital first approach to communicating its brand value to new audiences.

To truly make a splash in the healthcare industry, SCP Health debuted a virtual briefing center to shine a light on their thought leaders and engage new audiences. Combined with a variety of paid media campaigns, the VBC was designed to be a powerful lead generation tool to bring prospective customers into the sales funnel with polished, high quality video content and next-level user interface.

Following the great success of the VBC, SCP Health realized their current website and messaging needed a tune up to match. SCP once again engaged Bluetext for a new website as an opportunity to resolve the UX pain points of the previous site and provide a blank canvas for updated messaging and branding.

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SCP Health

Leading Healthcare Services Firm Launches New Visual Identity System and Enterprise User Experience Design and CMS Platform

SCP Health

Leading Healthcare Services Firm
Launches New Brand Identity, UX and CMS Platform

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Healthcare Services Firm
Website Design and Development

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Virtual Briefing Center Platform for Healthcare Services Firm

Additionally, Bluetext was tasked with designing and developing a virtual briefing center for SCP Health, providing them with a platform that is built specifically to empower healthcare executives, conveniently, effectively, and intimately. We customized an entire 3D environment to appeal to their target audience, but the platform’s easy-to-use CMS gives SCP the power to tailor it even further, rolling out rich media, resources, and unique CTA’s on the fly for any of their Go-To-Market needs.

The Virtual Briefing Center put SCP’s clinical and operations resource team at their users’ fingertips. Using our pandemic-safe remote-video production strategy, Bluetext worked with SCP executives to record their presentations at home, using our remote-video and green screen kit process. The end result allowed for SCP’s thought leaders to live directly inside of the 3D environment, available to users 24/7, and through an intimate one-on-one presentation scenario.

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