Managing cyber and technology risk from the business perspective just got a new look. Bluetext helped these pioneering cyber risk quantifiers take their RiskLens website to the next level.

With the threat of cyber breaches looming over enterprises all over the globe, RiskLens created a pioneering framework for evaluating and quantifying cyber risk as business risk.

RiskLens turned to Bluetext for a forward-leaning website redesign. We expanded upon their existing brand’s color palette to create a more visually striking brand representation. Sufficient white space allows for RiskLens’ content to speak for itself.


RiskLens helps CISOs & Risk Officers manage cybersecurity risk from the business perspective by quantifying it in financial terms.

Fully responsive design for desktop and mobile experiences.

Bluetext Hit it Out of the Park

“Our company had always done a great job of promoting our cyber risk quantification software through informative website content and a robust editorial calendar. The problem was that we didn’t have a website design to back up all that effort. Now we do, thanks to Bluetext. They really hit it out of the park.”

– Steve Ward, VP of Marketing

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