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Phosphorus Cybersecurity, which provides full-scope security for IoT devices, was looking to modernize its online presence to match the constantly evolving nature of its business. They came to Bluetext to develop their messaging, transform their brand, and take their website to the next level.

Website Design & Development

To create the new Phosphorus brand identity, the Bluetext team engaged the team in a full discovery process. The new Phosphorus website leverages all of the brand’s new elements, ensuring consistent brand identity and a strong web presence.
With an enhanced UX strategy and mobile-friendly design, the new website incorporates the content functionality needs of today, while ensuring a flexible back-end CMS and front-end user journey which can anticipate the content needs of tomorrow.

Collateral Design

A brand’s story does not end with its website. Bluetext designed scalable collateral templates that explored different ways of expressing the new Phosphorus brand identity. Each piece succinctly communicates the core messages while incorporating unique brand elements.

Remediating the Biggest Threats to IoT Devices

Brand Launch Campaign

To get the word out about the launch of the new brand and website, Bluetext developed and executed an integrated PR and social media strategy.

"The website is FAR better than we ever imagined. It is super gratifying to see the fruits of our labor materialize in this fantastic brand and website visualization. Thank you for bringing it all to life. We wanted the 'Mad Men' of marketing and that’s what we got."

Phosphorus Co-Founder

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