• Are you looking beyond traditional news media to tell your story?
  • Are you using all avenues to increase thought leadership with your core audiences?
  • Are you leveraging social networks to spread your news far and wide?
  • Do your executives have a point of view that could be shared with key audiences?

Not long ago, video content needed to be from major media companies if it were to resonate with key audiences.  Today, those same audiences want compelling content regardless of its source. At Bluetext we create content for you outside of the filters of editors and reporters to reach your audiences directly with the messages and information you want them to see. Whether it is video interviews, microsites, video packages, or press releases designed for search engine optimization, we can create granular, compelling content that will best tell your story.

  • The Bluetext team has created video content including executive interviews for companies and organizations both large and small and across dozens of industries.
  • We have launched content-driven microsites in under 24 hours for companies needing to get their messages out quickly.
  • We have helped companies leverage their own content to maximize its impact on key audiences.

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