Social Media

  • Do you know where the online conversation about your brand is happening?
  • Are you just talking at your key audiences, or actually engaging them in conversation?
  • Has social media been integrated into your communications toolkit or are you just dabbling?
  • Are you communicating with new audiences and supplying them with fresh ideas and thought leadership?

While many agencies sell social media as just another service, at Bluetext we integrate social channels into everything we do. We don’t look at Social Media as a silo – we understand the goals you are trying to accomplish and can recommend using social channels to achieve them. If reaching your key audiences via Twitter is critical or developing a Facebook fan page will help drive the conversation, we can design and execute a social media campaign to effectively engage these audiences.

  • We have launched successful social media campaigns for major technology, education and energy companies.
  • We have built social media outreach as a way of reaching policy makers on difficult issues for financial services companies.
  • We have integrated social media into outreach for financial management associations and social media organizations.

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