A Revitalized Digital Brand. A New Website User Experience,
A New Drupal Enterprise Global Content Management Platform

Mindtree is a leading global digital transformation and technology services company.

The new Mindtree.com offers an intuitive, fully responsive user experience and leverages personalization to serve relevant content to each user. The site was built on a Drupal 8 CMS platform to provide the flexibility and scalability a large enterprise needs to support its digital marketing initiatives. Best of all, the web design reflects the vibrancy of the brand and its employees.

“Bluetext has been a tremendous digital agency partner to the Global Marketing Team at Mindtree.
From digital brand strategy, to innovative user experience design, to enterprise Drupal content
management implementation expertise… they were impressive every step of the way.
Great collaborators with our in-house folks – I would strongly recommend
the amazing team at Bluetext!”


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