Bluetext Partners with Level Access

When the SSB Bart Group, the leading provider of accessibility solutions and software, needed a new brand to increase its market share and continue on its growth trajectory, it chose Bluetext to deliver a new name, brand and website that would focus on its people and expertise. After a thorough discovery process, competitive review and market analysis, Bluetext proposed Level Access to simplify the brand and its promise to the industry. The new look and feel and how it is presented on the website reflects Level Access’ mission “to create a world where digital systems can be made readily accessible to users with disabilities—enabling digital technology to become a profound empowering force in their lives.”

“Partnering with Bluetext to rename, rebrand, and replatform our digital ecosystem was a very strategic investment for our business. We couldn’t be happier with the process, thoughtfulness, final product, and most importantly the market reaction.”

Level Access Logo from Bluetext - White

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