Driving Awareness for One of the World’s Most Revered Brands via a Digital Briefing Center

Thanks to Bluetext, Intel drives creativity and innovation with its marketing campaigns to demonstrate market leadership for its products, harnessing the power of the Future Agency Digitial Briefing Center.

What Does the Agency of the Future Look Like?

Intel turned to Bluetext to design a campaign to demonstrate the advancements in cyber security that it is driving across the Federal Government. The Future Agency Digital Briefing Center integrates an interactive, 3D experience, and a series of videos with lead generation integrated throughout, increasing credibility, top-of-funnel activity and overall campaign performance.


Empowering Sales Teams with Powerful Solutions

Intel and Cisco turned to Bluetext to construct a value proposition and messaging platform for Cisco’s Unified Computing System for the public sector. The goal was to develop a tool that could be used for sales enablement and lead generation. As Cisco UCS was purpose built for consolidation and to address the most demanding challenges of the Federal Government, Bluetext built off the theme of “Finally, a round peg in a round hole” to develop a short “inside look” video highlighting the benefits of the solution.

iMac - Bluetext

Go Guerilla

To promote Intel’s new 2in1 device, Bluetext designed a guerilla campaign to give out free ice cream to
Federal Government employees outside Federal agencies.

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