Network Security Using Deception Technology

Founded by former nation-state attackers, Illusive reduces cybersecurity risk by helping organizations see their environment through the eye of the attacker. The Illusive team was looking for a way to modernize their brand and expand their online presence while maintaining their core brand attributes.

Logo and Brand Design

To create the new Illusive brand identity, the Bluetext team engaged Illusive in the full discovery process, including a competitive audit, a creative workshop, and logo exploration. This process allowed Bluetext to create a comprehensive brand identity that informed both website and collateral design.
Written in a custom italic typeface, the new logo shows that Illusive moves at a high-speed, always one step ahead. The brand uses bright colors, motion, and an intricate pattern system to position Illusive as energetic, cutting-edge, and intelligent. 

Website Design and Development

Before diving into the website design, Bluetext conducted extensive research that informed a content strategy for each page of the website, accounting for user journeys and ensuring the website provides valuable information for website visitors while driving quality leads. Illusive’s new website incorporates all of the brand’s new elements, ensuring consistent brand identity and a strong web presence. Bluetext designed a site and user experience that prioritizes lead generation. 

Mobile Responsive Design

With an enhanced UX strategy and mobile-friendly design, the new Illusive website incorporates the content functionality needs of today, while ensuring a flexible back-end CMS and front-end user journey which can anticipate the content needs of tomorrow.


A brand’s story does not end with its website. Bluetext identified Illusive’s key collateral pieces and designed scalable collateral templates that explored different ways of expressing the new Illusive identity. Each piece succinctly communicates the Illusive brand message while incorporating unique brand elements.

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