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Bluetext’s team of specialists has worked with some of the most recognizable health companies and organizations in the market, including healthcare providers, companies finding new ways to provide cancer treatments to patients, and even government agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and the Food & Drug Administration. Our range of services include the design and execution of compelling digital campaigns, website experiences, social media, thought leadership and search engine optimization. We have helped market leaders find new ways to reach audiences, and launched emerging brands with exciting new approaches to the market. Take a look, and see what Bluetext can do for your brand.

INVISIBLE WOUNDS – When Magellan Health launched its new Federal division, it turned to Bluetext to develop its brand and a powerful new website to inform government leaders how its approach to emotional well-being could help thousands of veterans and service personnel. These Invisible Wounds – which may not be seen but that impact many of servicemen and women who have served overseas – became the major theme for the new brand. The campaign included compelling graphics telling the toll that service has had on our warfighters, including the high rates of suicides among veterans. We aggressively pushed out the graphics through social media to bring attention to the reality of the wounds many of our troops are facing once they return home.

REBRANDING A FEDERAL HEALTHCARE POWERHOUSE – National Government Services (a subsidiary of Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield) is a premier federal consultancy and technology service provider, supporting and administering some of the largest health programs in the United States. Bluetext was tasked with providing strategic value around reworking the branding of National Government Services and redefining external messaging as it expanded its client focus to more organizations in the federal health space. LEARN MORE>

TOGETHER WE HEAL – SCP Health is a premier healthcare staffing and operations management solution for hospital facilities nationwide. With the goal of improved brand awareness and lead generation, SCP Health engaged Bluetext to bring a digital-first approach to communicating its brand value to new audiences. LEARN MORE>

GET TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM – WellNet helps companies find ways to reduce their healthcare costs through innovative data analysis of health issues facing employees. One of WellNet’s largest challenges was telling its story in a way that customers could readily understand. Bluetext developed a set of graphics relating WellNet’s approach to the roots of a tree to describe the depth and flow of its process.

INSPIRING DATA IN CANCER DIAGNOSTICS WITH THE LAUNCH OF INSPIRATA – Bluetext’s comprehensive branding and go-to-market campaign included company naming, branding systems, a comprehensive digital platform and user experience design, as well as marketing communications support for a global partnership with Phillips.

BLUETEXT PARTNERS WITH PERTHERA, A GROUND-BREAKING PRECISION MEDICINE LEADER, TO DELIVER A REBRAND, A NEW PLATFORM AND A GO-TO-MARKET ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN. Perthera, a two-year old entry to the medical services market, has quickly become a leader in precision medicine and personalized cancer treatments, reviewing tumor biopsies and identifying treatment options to patients, their caregivers and oncologists. After a comprehensive review of the precision medicine market, Bluetext designed a new creative approach that will resonate with cancer patients, including logo, color palette and brand style that reaches across a new website and all collateral. In addition to a second, SEO-driven blog site called Cancer Treatment Options (, Bluetext engineered a sophisticated Go-To-Market media strategy to reach patients through a variety of social and digital channels.

DRIVING A GLOBAL SEO AGENDA – When AACC needed to drive higher click-through-rates and overall analytics for its large family of web properties without altering the front-end design of each site in any obvious ways, it turned to Bluetext for an innovative approach to SEO. We developed a program that included a comprehensive short and long tail keyword strategy, leveraging both bot-centric and human-centric search tactics and a strategic content development and messaging approach. The results of the campaign included a 13-times increase in traffic to the primary site. This same domain saw 12 times the number of users visiting the site within 6 months, and a 500% growth in the number of users visiting the property on mobile and tablet devices.

Life Global hires Bluetext to develop a comprehensive branding system and digital platform for their new venture – Evolve.

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