The EXL Difference

EXL Service is a multinational professional services company specializing in operations management and analytics. Targeting markets such as insurance, banking, financial services, utilities, healthcare, travel, transportation, and logistics, the New York-based company offers data-driven and domain-focused solutions to their clients. With over 31,000 employees globally, EXL came to Bluetext for assistance in launching their new EXL Health brand while simultaneously promoting a webinar series with Financial Times.

EXL Health: Human Ingenuity in Action

After rebranding the Health business unit, EXL was looking to launch a campaign to push the new brand forward. Bluetext worked with EXL stakeholders to determine the business objectives, existing pain points, user personas, and creative aspirations before delving into design. The finished product was a sleek landing page designed and developed with the goal of driving users deeper into the EXL Health journey.

Landing Page Motion Study

While the team was looking for a simplified landing page that served users content in a digestible way, they always wanted to incorporate some understated motion. Bluetext found a way to meet both of these needs, providing motion study options that illustrated the various ways to achieve this goal.

EXL x Financial Times Webinar Campaigns

While the Bluetext design team and EXL Health stakeholders worked through website design updates, the EXL team came to Bluetext with another problem: Promoting their joint webinar with Financial Times on a short timeline. Bluetext worked with the team to design eye-catching campaign creative and identify key audiences. Next, Bluetext worked daily with the EXL team to ensure the media budget was properly allocated to achieve the highest number of impressions and attendees. The webinars were a huge success!

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