Virtual Experiences Designed For

Sales Consultations

– Speak to your prospects one on one via audio, video and text

– Informative content directed at your prospects

User Conferences

– Greet your users in a digital representation of your event space

–  Educate your users and enhance their experience with your product or service

One to Many Interactive Briefings

– Q&A functionality to get your audience the answers to their questions

– Engage with your entire audience virtually

Many to Many Interactive Briefings

– Engage with your entire audience virtually through multiple speakers

– Ensure your prospects are getting the information they need when they need it

Employee Communications

– Ensure your employees have the platform to speak to one another

– Allow your employee’s direct access to the information they need to succeed

Featured Clients


Custom Animated Introductions

- 3D recreation of your building with dynamic flythroughs

Lobby Introduction

- Superimposed into the briefing center
- Introduces the experience/event to the user

Keynote Speakers

- Superimposed presenter
- 3 screens to host a presentation, video, social feed, etc.

Speaker Information

- User can learn more about the speaker prior to the start of the briefing
- Speaker's name, picture, information and contact information are visible to the user

Speaker Information - Learn About Other Speakers

- Show All Speakers option, so users can discover and learn about all of the speakers presenting during the experience
- Speaker's name, picture, title and company name are visible


- Triple screen superimposed
- Choose a New Workshop menu option
- Users can join different workshops, based on their interests


- Live video, presentation and chat integration for users to learn more information specific to their interests

Partner Information

- Integrate your partner's logos into the briefing center experience
- Users can click through to videos, websites, forms and live conversations with each partner

Superimposed Executive Briefings

- Pre-recorded
- Superimposed presenter at the podium
- Archivable
- Screens are fully modifiable per briefing

Learn More Chat Function

- Chatbox pop-up allows users to ask questions to representatives about the experience

Breakout Room - Gallery View

- Following a briefing, users can join a breakout room with other users to discuss the content presented to them
- A moderator can lead the breakout session and ask questions to the users
- Zoom integration

Breakout Room - Presenter View

- Moderator can toggle to presenter view, to present new information to users
- Zoom integration

Get Help Video/Chat Function

- If a user gets stuck or requires assistance, they can get support from a specialist via video and chat
- Zoom integration

Training Materials Available to User via Menu

- User can access materials via the menu
- Materials are filter-able by material type

Downloadable Content Available to User via Menu

- Users can download content such as case studies, data sheets and presentations via the menu
- Content is filterable by content type

One-on-One Training Videos

- Users can access one-on-one training videos to support their needs
- Live video via Zoom or pre-recorded videos

Success Stories

CSC Digital Briefing Center

- #1 Performing Global Campaign
- #1 analytics out of 12,000 pages on /
- 40%+ of global revenue attributed to CSC Digital Briefing Center before signing a contract (Over $5 Billion)
- Average Duration Per Session = 7 minutes

McAfee - Intel Future Agency Experience

- Increased top of funnel activity by 40% in industry markets
- Overall Performance: #1 campaign in vertical 6 quarters consecutively
- Average Duration Per Session = 6.5 minutes
- Increased credibility through the use of thought leader integration

Varonis Executive Briefing Experience

- Speedier deal close: 25%+ increase in speed to deal close
- Top performing demand generation landing page / microsite
- Increased top of funnel: 60% increase in lead generation from digital marketing, trade show and retargeting origination channel
- Overall Performance: #1 campaign for 12 months
- Average Duration Per Session = 9 minutes

Digital Briefing Center Capabilities

Custom Content Services or Bring Your Own Content

Custom Introductions and Transitions with Messaging

Fully Responsive Web Experience

Extend to Virtual Reality

Briefings can be Delivered by Executives and Actors

Live Chat (Text, Audio, and Video) Capabilities

Archive Briefings and Video Playback

Marketing Automation / Nurture Drip Integrations

Full Custom Analytics and Attribution Setup

Integrated Live Social Media

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