Bluetext created a digital manifestation of the Clarabridge brand to engage site users and explain the technological and analytical power behind Clarabridge’s platform. Through sophisticated 3D animation work, the user experience comes alive.


The Seamlessly Animated Homepage

The shining star on the new is the experience featured on the homepage. Thanks to brilliant design on the parts of both our animators and our development team, the series of videos feel seamless as the user scrolls down the page.

“When we started our journey to build a next-generation digital platform we challenged Bluetext to create a unique, engaging user experience that tells the Clarabridge story in an impactful way. Bluetext knocked it out of the park! It created a modern site design that breaks through the clutter in our crowded industry; an A/B homepage that greets new visitors with a video narrative providing a concise understanding of what Clarabridge does while recurring visitors receive a streamlined, mobile-optimized view of the site.

Beyond that, the custom backend CMS is beyond easy to understand, creating significant efficiencies for the Clarabridge team. Lastly, where they truly excelled and what I will miss most, is working with such a top-notch team of experts. Their customer service and ‘deep in the trenches’ support during the project was critical. This was hands down the smoothest site launch I have participated in. Bluetext should be at the top of your list if you are in the market for a redesign.”

– Clarabridge


User Experience Design Through Collaboration

Based on highly effective collaboration with the Clarabridge team, Bluetext sketched, storyboarded, produced, and animated four looping videos to drive the story tell on the homepage. The end result is an eye-catching and captivating experience. The users scroll to learn how the inputs, represented by tiles, are collected, processed, analyzed, and ultimately transformed into actionable insights.

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