Making Virtual Feel In-Person

With a summer hindered by COVID-19, Citrix turned to Bluetext to help bring their networking event, Citrix Boot Camp: Build a Ready-for-Anything Network, to the digital sphere. Their goal: create a seamless virtual experience that provided the same quality of content and connectivity as an in-person event. Equipped with Citrix brand assets, Bluetext designed a fully-customized virtual event experience, marked by live video playback, a resource center, and extensive tracking to provide an interactive and enjoyable online UX.

Virtually Anywhere

To ensure that Citrix Boot Camp registrants could join the event from anywhere, Bluetext ensured that the seamless user experience was carried through all screen sizes for easy navigation and viewing.

Animated Visuals

In order to make the virtual event experience feel as lively as an in-person event, Bluetext explored tasteful motion design to give attendees the visual cues needed to know when sessions were going to be live and when they have completed. With perfectly-timed countdown clocks, the homepage of Citrix Boot Camp provided a high-level overview of the event’s itinerary. The grayed completed state for each session gave users the signal that the session has completed.

"Even the data that was returned to us was flawless and sent promptly. Superb customer service from beginning to end. I am looking forward to many more projects together."

Vice President Marketing, Citrix Events Americas

Pre and Post-Video Animations

Designing a pair of pre and post-event thumbnails to display before and after the live video play, Bluetext was able to transform the event microsite into an exciting and lively virtual space for all registrants.

Custom Badging

With a DJI Osmo Pocket Camera on the line, attendees could rack up points during the virtual event by completing the requirements for each badge, each of which was accompanied by a custom-designed icon.

Live Video Playback

Bluetext designed a live-video experience that was marked by automatic transitions between pre and post-event thumbnails and live playback. When a user entered the session after the start time, the user could watch the video in live time.

Caricature Gallery

As a part of the event’s promotion, Citrix awarded the first 200 registrants a personalized digital caricature. Bluetext created a library to house all of the caricatures and provide straightforward UX to the users looking for their artwork.

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