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Cigital Turns to Bluetext To Deliver Powerful New Brand to The Market

As an extremely successful security consulting company, Cigital has built a strong business helping companies drive best practices in building security into their applications and software. As the company looks to expand both globally and to a broader audience of companies who need to understand the importance of application security testing earlier in their development lifecycle, Cigital turned to Bluetext to completely rebrand the company. Everything was in play for this rebrand.

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New Logo, Vibrant Brand and Responsive Website Highlight Rebrand Effort

One of the biggest goals of this effort was to make the brand more vibrant. Following a thorough discovery session in which we uncovered key messages and pillars of the brand story, Bluetext came up with a series of brand moodboards which could drive the visual identity for the company. One of the strongest messages to emerge was the concept of customers needing a guide to embark on the Application Security journey.


Custom Illustration Series Represent
Various Aspects of the Business

No detail was overlooked throughout the process.

For a unique visual identity we created a series of illustration familiesto represent various aspects of the business.

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