Bluetext Buzz Lounge Feature Jason Jue Co-Founder and CMO of Triblio

Triblio’s CMO and Co-Founder Jason Jue talks about trends in marketing automation, analytics, and digital marketing.

Bluetext BuzzLounge – SocialRadar’s VP of Social Marketing Shana Glenzer

Shana Glenzer, VP of Social Marketing at SocialRadar, talks about how real time location-based marketing is disrupting the retail sector.

Optoro, TrackMaven & Canvas – 1 Week, $73 Million in Venture Capital

The DC tech startup community has a chip on its shoulder. That’s not a bad thing; it motivates entrepreneurs and area leaders committed to advancing the interests of the DC…

Top Executives Speak Out: 10 Big Marketing Bets For 2015

2014 has been a year of amazing changes in the world of marketing, where micro-targeting via social platforms is now mainstream, banner ads are becoming passe, personalized content is in,…

Brian Lustig article in PR Week ‘the Hub’ on tech product launches

A pair of startups – Coin and Tile – are garnering significant attention for their recent product launches. In his most recent guest article for PR Week ‘the Hub,’ Bluetext…

Brian Lustig

Brian Lustig possesses 17 years of experience running award-winning public and media relations campaigns and is a partner at Bluetext. He has established himself as one of the most trusted…

Jason Siegel

Jason Siegel is a founding partner of Bluetext and his achievements in the digital and design arena have made him a highly sought after speaker and provided great exposure for…

Don Goldberg

A founding partner of Bluetext, Don Goldberg has helped many of the largest global corporations achieve their communications goals through public relations, media outreach, digital strategies and integrated marketing campaigns.…

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