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B2G Reel

Government Contractors: Content is King

Transitioning a company that specializes in a product or service from working in the private sector to one that wins government contracts is no easy task. Negotiations can take months…

B2G Public Relations: Government Heros

B2G public relations is a difficult challenge under the best of circumstances. Both technology companies for which the government is an important vertical and those that are solely focused on…

Government Marketing: Reaching the Agency Audience

Government marketing, whether to the federal government or to state and local agencies, poses a whole set of challenges for brands and organizations not familiar with the government sector. One…


Narrative Science

Calling All Optimists



Selling to the Federal Government? The Spending Floodgates Are About to Open

If you’re a brand that sells and markets to the Federal agencies, the floodgates are about to open. Because of the Appropriations bill that was signed into law earlier this…

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