Email marketing

Email Marketing Campaigns – What Do Your Customers Want?

Email marketing is a key component of most lead generation campaigns. Leveraging a strong email data base via a competent marketing automation system allows a campaign to closely track every…

National Retail Federation

Don’t Be Afraid To Raise Your Hand

Attention all you marketers out there…ever sat in a meeting not wanting to raise your hand to ask someone for clarification on what they mean? Concerned that your colleagues or…

How Do You Do It? Top Down or Bottom Up

The marketing and communications business is at a bewildering junction, with two simultaneous models vying for brains and assets. Most marketing campaigns look at personas of their buyers and determine…

New Email Marketing Tools Offer CMOs “Persuasion Automation”

I don’t know what happened with the supposed “do not call” list, but lately I’ve been bombarded with nonstop robocalls purporting to be from my credit card company. The friendly…

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