Digital Marketing

Influencer Marketing: A Hot New Trend for 2019

The past few years have seen exponential growth when it comes to influencer marketing as part of modern marketing strategies. It is evolving at the speed of light and shows…

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The Rise of the Chief Innovation Officer: Bringing Digital Innovation to the C- Suite

A new trend in progressive enterprise organizations is the rise of the CIO. No, not the Chief Information Officer, but the Chief Innovation Officer, charged with ensuring that idea-driven companies…

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Top Marketing Trends 2019 Part 6: Public Relations

For our final post to end the year and look forward to 2019, let’s turn to the¬†marketing component that is perhaps undergoing the most significant transition: Public Relations. PR was…

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Top Marketing Trends 2019 Part 5: Branding

No look at top marketing trends would be complete without considering the look and feel of a brand: the colors it uses, how the logo is displayed, and the tone…

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Narrative Science

Top Marketing Trends 2019 Part 4: Digital Media Campaigns

For part four of our Top Marketing Trends 2019 series, we now turn to digital media campaigns and trends that we expect to see in 2019 based on what we…

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Calling All Optimists


Top Marketing Trends 2019 Part 3: Website Design

As part three of our Top Marketing Trends 2019 series, with this post, we are focusing on the look and usability of one a brand’s most valuable marketing and revenue…

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