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3 Steps for Selecting the Right CMS for Your Website Redesign or Re-platform

Bluetext clients are often asking for our recommendations on the best content management system for their website, whether as a redesign or a re-platform for their business. We are a…

5 Reasons to Upgrade your Content Management System

Has your CMS become a drag on your organization? One of the most frequently-asked questions we get in conversations with clients is, “Should I upgrade my Content Management System?”.  As…

August 1st 2018 – Drupal 8 Moderate Security Release

A Public Service Announcement was released on July 30th, 2018, announcing a moderately critical security update to Drupal Core. This update is not part of the normal Drupal Core security…

Drupal 8 Core Updates: A New Path Forward

Drupal 8 has made significant improvements in standardizing its upgrade path. Gone are the days where an upgrade would require a full site rebuild and migration. While some upgrades are…

Drupal 8 Critical Security Release – March 28th 2018

If you are not already aware, and, more importantly, have not already upgraded, on March 28, a critical security update was released for all versions of the open source Drupal…

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