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Starting the Branding Process Early in M&A Planning

M&As have long been a key strategy and source of growth for businesses around the world, with thousands of M&A transactions taking place each year. However, according to the Harvard…

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2020 Trends: Logo Design

Welcome to 2020, a year of new normals, routines, and best of all, new logos! The logo design trends in 2020 thus far have been an intriguing remix of new…


2020 Predictions: Content Marketing

Content marketing is a consistently invaluable tool to increase conversions by educating your leads and customers. As we welcome a new year as well as a new decade, it’s important…

Top Branding Agencies Know How to Bring Your Brand to Life

Every agency today is buzzing with the word “digital”, but only the best branding agencies understand that a company’s brand identity must be executed both digitally and physically. Many traditional…

Government Contractors: Content is King

Transitioning a company that specializes in a product or service from working in the private sector to one that wins government contracts is no easy task. Negotiations can take months…

Six Top Logo Trends to Refresh Your Brand

Top branding agencies are always looking for new and refreshing approaches to logo designs that resonate with customers. Every designer’s dream is a new logo that is memorable and unique. But…

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