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Virtual Events: Behind the Scenes of Citrix Boot Camp – Part 2

Read Part 1 of our Behind the Scenes of Citrix Boot Camp here. After a tight two-and-a-half-month turnaround, the teams had done it – Citrix Boot Camp: Build a Ready-for-Anything…

Virtual Events: Behind the Scenes of Citrix Boot Camp – Part 1

There’s no doubt that the past five months have looked quite different from what we’re used to. Each day, we log onto our computers, join video conferencing lines, and do…

Storytelling for B2B Brands

In recent years, leading branding firms and marketers have used brand storytelling to create interactive and empathetic experiences for users throughout their purchase journey. By creating a relatable experience, users…

CSC Digital Briefing Center Testimonial

Best Practices for Conversion Driven UX Design

Your website acts as an essential business tool — used across every industry for a diverse number of functions.  B2B companies rely on their websites to generate leads, phone calls,…

Top Tips for Building a Better Navigation User Experience

Have you ever found yourself on a website, staring blankly at the screen wondering where the rest of the pages are? Navigation is one of the most important functions of…

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