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When Arlington Capital Partners acquired several top-performing companies in national security, the AEgis team looked to Bluetext to help merge multiple companies together to create one superior brand, BlueHalo. Bluetext worked closely with AEgis to develop the new name, logo, messaging and positioning, corporate visual identity brand system, website re-design and development, video work, and a go-to-market strategy and launch plan, and in record-breaking time.

Naming, Messaging, Positioning & Logo

Bluetext moved fast to create a bold new name and brand within just weeks that would make a lasting impression on the market. The name BlueHalo represents the unbroken global line that ensures the technical advantage in the most advanced battlespace. The logo embodies the name by featuring a blue swoosh shape that depicts in a clean but strong manner, a halo of protection.

Internal & External GTM Launch Strategy

With such a fast-moving project, the launch was right around the corner, and a smart launch plan was dire. Bluetext developed internal and external creative launch options with messaging, videos, creative for social ads, PPC, and SEO strategies that all led to a successful launch internally and externally with the Go To Market Campaign.

Equipping BlueHalo with Modern Iconography

Part of what made the new BlueHalo brand so strong was the powerful corporate visual identity that Bluetext created. The striking blue colors to accompany the name, the branded engineering vector graphics woven in the photos to create unique, branded imagery, and the blue wires to form shapes that pull from the halo in the logo all work together to create a cohesive, meaningful and regal brand system.

Solution Overview Storytell

To tell the BlueHalo story in a captivating and creative way, the Bluetext team designed and developed a Solutions Overview page that takes the user through a visually immersive story. All the way from space to the inside of a control room, the user can see the story unfold while learning about the impressive national security capabilities BlueHalo offers.

Website Redesign & Development

A brand launch is not complete without a fresh new website, and Bluetext designed and developed BlueHalo’s new website using a simple and clean but sophisticated UI to show off their impressive newly combined capabilities. The new website made for easier more intuitive navigation, improved SEO value, and ultimately a better user experience.

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