A Website to Match Ardent’s Capabilities

ArdentMC offers government customers best-in-class award-winning security and defense technology solutions. The company has quickly advanced its digital transformation and data sciences services, although these cutting-edge capabilities were not evident across a website they had outgrown. They sought out Bluetext to modernize their web presence to clearly tell their story. Dropping the MC and adopting “Ardent” gave the brand a fresh start while preserving the established brand equity.


Mobile Designs for Millenial Recruitment

With recruitment a primary goal of the new brand and website initiatives, Bluetext ensures a responsive web design to be compatible with devices of any size. After assessing web analytics and developing user journeys, it became clear that many prospective employees would be vetting the company on the go. Thus, the site needed to be mobile friendly and clearly showcase the company mission, innovative solutions, and available positions.

Exemplifying the Ardent Advantage

With a reinvigorated visual identity, Ardent was energized to tell their story across a number of collateral assets. Bluetext designed custom collateral templates to make Ardent stand out within the industry as a modern and respected thought leader. Armed with newly branded company PowerPoint presentations to robust data sheets and case studies, they were ready to showcase the Ardent advantage on all fronts.


Ardent Sales Sheet

Bluetext designed custom templates to meet Ardent’s unique content needs. The sales sheet layout allowed Ardent to premiere their success statistics and impressive results in a scannable manner.

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Thought Leadership via Whitepapers

For more in-depth thought leadership, the whitepaper template gave flexible opportunities to display data visualizations, key partners, statistics, and even contract FAQs. With both digital and print formats, Ardent was prepared to enter the contracting season with a professional collection of collateral assets.

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