A Timely Rebrand

In 2019, Archway, a leader in marketing operations and supply chain logistics, merged with Teraco to add gift and loyalty cards solutions to its list of top-notch services. Following the merger, Archway’s leadership team knew the company needed to modernize its messaging, branding, and website to ensure relevancy and competitive position across its service line. That’s when Archway turned to Bluetext to execute the Rebrand for the Brand Behind the Brand.


Bluetext analyzed the competitive space to identify opportunities for Archway’s brand to stand out. Since the vast majority of competitors leverage a cool, blue-centric color palette, the decision to embrace the red and black scheme from the old branding was obvious. Bluetext injected new life into the brand by brightening the Archway red and introducing a subtle change to the logo to incorporate an arch into the Archway ‘A’.


Bluetext designed a top-of-the-line user experience for the new The site was developed on a custom WordPress content management system (CMS), so it’s just as easy for Archway’s content editors to manage the site as it is for end users to browse the pages. The experience is 100% responsive, so all of the functionality–including an interactive map, are optimized for desktop and mobile devices alike.


“For Archway, Bluetext is the top branding agency. Their input and expertise was invaluable in modernizing Archway’s corporate visual identity. Bluetext brought the brand to life beautifully on our new website. Thanks to their user experience team, I have never been more proud of Archway’s digital presence.”

– Kerry James, Archway CEO

Key Design Elements

As a nod to the supply chain-related services Archway provides, the key elements of the new brand evoke a sense of linking steps in process and forward progress. The collateral pieces leverage a the arrow-based texture to create a look that feels clean and professional, but also unique.

Collateral Pieces

The arrow shape seen throughout collateral was developed based on the negative space in the new Archway ‘A’. This shape takes many forms: as an image mask, as bullet style, as a texture, and even as a standalone element. It’s a central element in the new Archway brand.

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