Launching the New Brand

Appgate, a spin-off of Cyxtera Security, sought out Bluetext to launch its premiere of brand and website independence. As a provider of secure access solutions, Appgate enables organizations to unlock growth and innovation by giving them the confidence that their network access is secure.


To differentiate themselves from previous parent companies, Appgate needed a new brand and logo that represented the company mission. While bracing a complex cybersecurity landscape, Appgate focuses on making access simpler for users and harder for adversaries. Hence, they needed a sleek, modern, but also simple brand identity to communicate this value. Their new logo emphasized the circular nature of their lowercase wordmark, to symbolize a closed circuit of cyber protection. To showcase their cutting edge technology and offensive background, angled slants accent the rounded lettering.

To promote the launch of the new brand, Bluetext produced a 30-second ad, complete with animated expressions of the brand, to educate prospects on the capabilities of the products Appgate offers. 

Brand Expression

Throughout the ad, Bluetext used fun, creative brand expressions and strong messaging to ensure viewers fully understand the capabilities of the solutions Appgate provides, and are engaged throughout the entirety of the ad. 

Strength in Intangibility

Being an intangible solutions provider, Appgate chose to rely on strong messaging and brand symbolism as opposed to abstract imagery. The website displayed a library of key art, which imposed interconnected rings atop modern architecture. Wordlocked grids were used in place of imagery to reinforce key proof points. With a new responsive website, they could now send users to the website for product information with confidence in multi-platform compatibility. Appgate was able to communicate its full product & services line with a persona-based navigation strategy that created a cohesive journey throughout their product lines.


Appgate used symbolic brand elements in their collateral to communicate their company vision across all deliverables. From business cards to whitepapers, all collateral held a consistent presence of the interconnected circles, which symbolized authorized connections with confidence. Used as both a stand-alone element and imposed on modern architecture promoted the secured connection across multiple environments – from on-premise to hybrid and the cloud.


“The opportunity to be involved in the launch of a brand from beginning to end is always an exciting prospect, and our partnership with Appgate was no different. To have a hand in everything from logo development, branding, messaging, website design and development, and a variety of other deliverables allowed our team to bring the concept of Appgate to life for both their external and internal audiences alike.”

- Jason Siegel, Bluetext

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