Bluetext Selected After Global Agency Search

New site represented first combined digital platform since 2006 merger

Bluetext worked with a global team to support this major endeavor, conducting major research into personas and ensuring that all brand equity built into the current site would move into the new site.

Functionality First

Bluetext worked with marketing representatives across the globe to define personas and ensure the new site addressed their content needs. The new design “consumerized” the message.

Go Guerilla

To promote Intel’s new 2in1 device, Bluetext designed a guerilla campaign to give out free ice cream to Federal Government employees outside Federal agencies.

Every Industry and Every Region Was Represented

The effort included localization efforts to support users across 22 languages in over 50 countries.

E-Magazine Supported the Site

Bluetext designed an e-publication, Enriching Communications, to enable ALU to deliver thought leadership content in an engaging and powerful manner

Much of the impact of content marketing efforts is providing users a powerful experience. This magazine delivered on that promise.

Are you looking to take your digital platform to the next level?

At Bluetext, our work on the Alcatel-Lucent redesign represented the marrying of powerful design with a smart user experience.