Introducing AffirmLogic

AffirmLogic is a growing start-up spun off of a Carnegie-Mellon initiative to deploy the power of mathematics to guard critical businesses against unforeseen attacks. Specializing in never before seen malware detection, AffirmLogic needed a striking new brand and modern website that would attract investors and partners alike. AffirmLogic entrusted Bluetext to invigorate their market presence and visually communicate their one of a kind software.


Seeking simplicity, AffirmLogic selected a straightforward wordmark logo. This design eliminated extraneous frills of the prior logo, which distracted from the clever name. In a serious, high stakes cybersecurity environment, the brand needed to clearly convey the software’s value upfront. Sharp typography and a two-toned break draws emphasis on the ability to ‘affirm’ unknown malware and use cutting edge algorithmic ‘logic’ to defend.


Enhancing the

User Experience

Bluetext transformed an outdated website and brand system into one that represented their cutting edge abilities in a digital space. Using the WordPress Gutenberg system, Bluetext built custom templates that any CMS novice could edit and update with ease. Custom-coded homepage key art and animation showcases a spiraling double helix as a visual metaphor for analyzing malware DNA.  

Aware of industry tendencies to focus on complicated product features, AffirmLogic requested a site designed with the user in mind. Intuitive navigation and digestible nuggets of content optimized the user experience and propel potential customers down the sales funnel.


In a data-driven industry, AffirmLogic needed a collateral system that would effectively communicate complex information in a visually appealing format. New sales presentations, case study templates and business cards equipped the company to approach C-suite decision-makers and high-profile investors with confidence. Expertly branded whitepapers and case studies transformed complex data and charts into a streamlined story of cybersecurity success.

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