General Electric Spins Out Rugged Embedded Systems Group


GE Partners with Bluetext on Strategic Branding Initiative to Form Abaco Systems

After GE agreed to spin off its Rugged Embedded Systems division to a private equity firm, the new company had less than a month to develop its new name, logo, color and style–literally from scratch. Once the name Abaco Systems was selected, the Bluetext team worked around the clock to create a unique new brand.

A Dynamic Responsive User Experience

After a thorough analysis of the rugged embedded systems market and the competitive landscape, Bluetext presented a style focused on a bright orange as its dominant feature on a gray background, to differentiate it from the field and emphasize that Abaco was a fresh approach to the market.

The Abaco Systems name was tied together with a brand mark that displays as a side-angle perspective of the letter “a” and conveys a sense of forward movement. The element is used across templates and graphics. The lower-case Abaco conveys the open and welcoming nature of the company that is focused on customer service as well as innovative technologies.

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Abaco Systems worked with Bluetext to develop their brand and establish them as a market leader in rugged embedded system solutions.

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