Public Relations

  • Is your audience struggling to understand your value proposition?
  • Is your corporate reputation under attack?
  • Is that one contract which could make or break your company just outside your grasp?
  • Are you fending off a major competitor?

Public relations is often the backbone of every successful communications campaign. Bluetext starts every engagement with a clear understanding of the challenges its clients are facing, and the goals those organizations are seeking to attain. From strategy and message development to tactical execution, we design and implement programs that reach core audiences with clear messages communicated through every appropriate avenue. We combine expert media relations with new approaches to engage your audiences with the right message every time. Bluetext’s public relations expertise runs deep.  Our team members have:

  • Helped many of the most recognizable brands in both Silicon Valley and across the country drive their message in Washington.
  • Combined traditional media outreach with an aggressive social media component for one of the world’s best-known technology companies.
  • Blanketed the top trade media to get in front of decision makers for a top defense contractor.
  • Launched new divisions and brands.
  • Represented the interests of our clients in Washington, across the US and on a global scale.

Rules we Live by

Bluetext is committed to providing the best service for our clients to meet and exceed their business goals. Our team of professionals will always bring creativity, originality and enthusiasm to every project. Delivering industry-leading results to our clients is our number one priority. What we won’t do is deviate from our high ethical standards for any reason. What we will do is always provide the best advice and counsel to our clients at all times. That is at the heart of the Bluetext culture, and what we live by every day.

Why Bluetext?

We know that wide differences among audiences mean there is no simple approach to delivering your message. Interactive design and digital strategies, social networking, internet outreach, blogs, events, viral and guerrilla marketing, search engine optimization, traditional media relations and advertising — every tool must be employed as part of an integrated approach. At Bluetext, we approach every communications challenge by considering every channel to reach your target audience.

What We Do

Bluetext provides integrated communications services designed to help clients connect with key audiences, reach new communities, enhance their brand and protect their reputation. With deep expertise leveraging many diverse marketing strategies, we utilize every channel to attack the most critical challenges our clients face. From fixing their reputation to connecting with key government decision-makers to driving product demand, our clients know that the team at Bluetext will get the job done.


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